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Cut to length coil or foil can be provided in a wide variety of widths and lengths. Buy what you need, not what we have.

It is important to Changsheng that our customers be able to purchase what they need with respect to sheet and strip products. Many times a standard strip or sheet product does not satisfy our customer’s needs. It may be too big for their requirements.

Changsheng offers custom widths and lengths in titanium sheets or tantalum foil products. In doing so, our customers realize great cost benefits because they don’t have to buy more material than they actually need.

One of the cost savings recommendations we have for this product is for the customer give us a finished part size so that we can choose a product that is custom to one or multiples of the part. This correlates to spending less cash for the raw material as well as generating less scrap in the manufacturing process. The more cost effective opportunities we can offer to our customer base, the more competitive our customers can be in their marketplace.


Fabrication- Changsheng is stocking distributor of titanium products.

Our primary business is titanium raw material supply. Our staffs are having hands-on experience in precision machining as well as in fabrication works.

If you need assistance in your titanium machining or fabrication we will refer you to the best in the industry with whom you can contact directly. As most of our customers are either machine shops or fabricators, we are happy to assist you in selecting your titanium fabricator for your project.


Metal can be produced in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. These shapes can often look similar – such as pipe and tube – but have very different attributes and applications.

This is also true for a couple of round shapes: round bar and precision ground bar.


Laser Cutting: Changsheng can provide laser cutting based upon specific customer requirements.

Laser cutting titanium sheets to the customer specifications and drawings is one of the many cutting options available to Changsheng customers. When the customer is looking for a part with a precise, clean, smooth, straight edge, laser cutting may be the option that satisfies the customer’s need. Just send us your part drawing and we will take care of all the works.


Milling: Changsheng can provide milling based upon specific customer requirements.

Changsheng can provide milling based upon specific customer requirements. The milling process is the progressive removal of a predetermined amount of metal from a work piece to achieve rough-cut mill finish. This is a value added service that Changsheng is able to offer customers.

In an effort to reduce in-house costs, Changsheng customers can ask for milling finish Ti blocks. Our customer’s objective is to receive a product from Changsheng that is milled to their specification. In doing so, Changsheng has ultimately eliminated a manufacturing process in our customer’s shop.

Please let us know whether you need 6-face square milling or top bottom face milling.


Band Saw Cutting: Changsheng offer a variety of cut sizes made from flat mill products such as block, coil, sheet and plate and long products such as round, square or rectangular billet and bar using precision band saws.

Saw cutting is the basic cutting process with us. Our customers may require bar, billet, plate, block, long products, round and rectangular, cut to specific dimensions. Changsheng is happy to accommodate. We have both cut off saws and plate saws to handle the heavy demand for this value added service. Our band saws can handle any round, rectangular or square product that we stock. Changsheng can cut 1 piece or 10,000 pieces as per your length requirements. No job is too small or no job is too large for us to handle. Our facilities enable us to provide quick turnaround on cut parts regardless of the volume.


Water-jet Cutting- High Pressure precision water jet cutters provide near net shape products for reduced raw material cost. This also allows little or no additional machining as the cut surfaces will be having good smoothness.

We use precision water-jet cutting machine only for our Titanium metal sheet/plates. We regret do not take-up cutting job works for customer supplied metal sheets or plates.

The benefits of water-jet cutting include:

• No heat affected zone where the cut was made

• No stress added to the material during the cutting process

• Reduction of secondary machining operations due to precision cutting tolerances

• Reduction of material consumption due to minimal kerf and utilization of nesting software

• Ability to cut complex parts as per Auto-CAD drawings

• Water-jet cutting provides near net shapes providing our customers with cost savings.


Polishing- Changsheng can supply material in polished condition. Mill supply titanium sheets will always have some minor handling scratches. If you need need materials without scratches, we can polish surface as per your requirements.

Some of the applications like architectural items require materials to be shiny and polished for aesthetic purposes. We can supply products in highly polished and buffed condition, free of any scratches and lines.

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