Titanium Condenser
Titanium Condenser
Titanium Condenser

Titanium Condenser

Titanium condenser is one of many condensate equipment. It is used to cool the liquid. Usually water or air is used as a cooling agent to remove heat. Titanium condenser is generally used in metallurgy, chemical, energy, light industry, food, pharmaceutical and other industries. The heat exchange device is suitable for different working conditions such as cooling, condensation, heating, evaporation, waste heat recovery.

Because it uses titanium or titanium alloy as material, the entire titanium condenser also has the performance of light quality, high strength, and corrosion resistance. Overall, titanium condenser is divided into two parts: pipeline and shell range. It can be seen from the design of the shell. Because of its special arc design, it has good pressure resistance and can bear greater pressure in the working environment. No deformation.

The internal structure of titanium condenser uses titanium with high corrosion resistance. The main materials are GR1, GR2, GR7, and GR12.

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Titanium Condenser Specifications

Designing pressure

0.45Mpa for tube, -0.1Mpa for shell

Designing temperature

50℃for tube, 135℃ for shell

working pressure

0.4Mpa for tube, -0.095Mpa for shell.

Heat exchange area



4% NH4Cl solution on tube side, butyl acrylate and steam on shell side

Tube material

GR2 titanium

Shell material

GR2 titanium



ApplicationsThis equipment is used in the production of chemical plants producing ammonium chloride, methyl ester and butyl ester. The tube and shell are made of titanium material with strong corrosion resistance.

The Condenser of Other Materials

Nickel condenser, Zirconium condenser, Stainless steel condenser.

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