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Esterification Tower

An esterification tower is a piece of equipment used in chemical processes, specifically in the field of organic chemistry and petrochemical refining. It plays a crucial role in the esterification reaction, which is a type of chemical reaction between an alcohol (or a compound with a hydroxyl group) and a carboxylic acid to form an ester and water. The esterification tower is designed to facilitate the esterification reaction by providing an environment where the reactants can interact, and the reaction can take place efficiently.


Indonesia Project in 2013-T-201B Esterification Tower

Designing Pressure


Test pressure


Working Temperature



stainless steel

Net weight



For chemical plants to produce ethyl acetate.

Esterification Tower Working Principle

In the process of polyester production, the role of the Esterification tower is to separate the gas phase water and ethan glycol mixture generated during the esterization reaction process, separate the low-boiling water from the top of the tower, and separate the high-boiling ethylene glycol. Currency is condensed at the bottom of the tower, and ethylene glycol, as the main raw material for polyester production, can be re-recovered to reactors for reproduction.

Esterization reactions are a type of organic chemical reactions, which are divided into three types: carboxylic acid reacts with alcohol, or inorganic oxygenic acid reacts with alcohol, or inorganic strong acid reacts with alcohol. The esterization reaction of carboxylic acid and alcohol is reversible, and the general response is extremely slow, so concentrated sulfuric acid is often used as a catalyst. Multi-carboxylic acid and alcohol reaction can generate multiple esters. The reaction of inorganic acid and mellow is generally faster. The typical esterization reactions include the reaction of ethanol and acetic acid, and the generic acetate with aromatic smell is a raw material for manufacturing and medicine. The esterization tower are widely used in areas such as organic synthesis.

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