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Titanium Anodes For Electrodeposition

Titanium anodes play a pivotal role in electrodeposition processes, extracting non-ferrous metals in hydrometallurgy. Unlike the energy-intensive and polluting lead anodes used in the past, titanium anodes offer an eco-friendly alternative. They enable energy savings up to 5%-10%, reduce tank pressure, and operate at higher current densities. This leads to enhanced cathode product yield, improved efficiency, and reduced pollution. Titanium anodes are versatile, facilitating the deposition of metals like chromium, copper, nickel, and zinc. Their adaptability to different electrolytes and various shapes further underscores their significance in metal electrodeposition processes. For more information please do not hesitate to contact Changsheng Titanium iridium oxide coated titanium anodes supplier.


Titanium Anodes For Electrodeposition Descriptions

Electrodeposition is an important process in the extraction of non-ferrous metals in hydrometallurgy. The principle of metal extraction is to reduce and deposit the metal ions to be extracted from the leached and purified electrolyte at the cathode to obtain pure metals. The insoluble titanium anode is a key component in this process. In the past, the process used lead anode, which has high energy consumption and high pollution and is not in line with the industrial development direction of energy conservation and emission reduction in today's society. There is an urgent need for a new electrode that is energy-saving, efficient, and conducive to environmental protection to replace it. Titanium anodes can be used for the deposition of metals such as chromium, copper, nickel, and zinc in electrolysis.

Compared with traditional lead anodes, titanium anodes can reduce the tank pressure by more than 200mV, effectively reducing energy consumption during the electrodeposition process, saving up to 5% -10% energy, and can work within a higher current density range. It can improve the yield of cathode products, effectively improve production efficiency, and overcome the characteristics of polluted electrolyte and cathode products caused by the self consumption of lead anodes in the electrolysis process.

At present, the electrolytes used for electrodepositing cobalt include chlorination system and sulfate system. The electrolyte used for electrodepositing nickel mainly consists of sulfate system. For chloride electrolytes, the titanium anode is a chlorine evolution anode coated with precious metal oxides mainly containing ruthenium, while for sulfate solutions, the titanium anode is an oxygen evolution anode coated with precious metal oxides mainly containing iridium. The shape of titanium anodes used for electrodeposition includes flakes, plates, networks, rods, etc.

Titanium Anodes For Electrodeposition Applications

The use of titanium anodes produced by Baoji Changsheng Titanium company in the field of electrodeposition:





Cathode current efficiency




Saving tank pressure




current distribution




Maintenance status

Anode free mud

Deposit sediment (2-4%)


Anode service life




Titanium Anodes For Electrodeposition Advantages

The application technology of titanium anodes for non-ferrous metal electrodeposition in copper foil electrodeposition and subsequent treatment in sulfuric acid system has been quite mature, with the main advantages shown as follows:

1. No pollution to the electrolyte and no need for complex lead removal system expenses.

2. The external dimensions are fixed and will not cause anode deformation due to self dissolution, which will affect the quality of cathode products.

3. Due to the fact that the titanium substrate is not consumed during the electrolysis process, it can be repeatedly coated, saving the cost of the titanium substrate.

4. High current efficiency.

5. The tank voltage is low.

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