iridium oxide coated titanium anodes

Titanium Anodes For Electrogalvanizing

Electrogalvanizing in the automotive industry demands higher-quality steel. Coated plates replace traditional ones, enhancing corrosion resistance in vehicle bodies. Zinc-based alloy coatings like zinc nickel and zinc iron are pivotal, with titanium anodes playing a crucial role in electrogalvanizing processes. Titanium anodes contribute to improved corrosion resistance and efficient plating, particularly in zinc nickel alloy coatings. This advancement meets the rising demand for corrosion-resistant automotive components, aligning with quality requirements and industry growth. For more information please do not hesitate to contact Changsheng Titanium iridium oxide coated titanium anodes supplier.


Titanium Anodes For Electrogalvanizing Descriptions

With the development of the automotive industry, not only has the demand for automotive steel increased, but also the quality requirements for automotive steel are becoming higher. In the automotive manufacturing industry, coated steel plates are commonly used to replace cold rolled and hot-rolled plates. Coated plates can improve the corrosion resistance of automotive bodies. The demand for coated steel plates in the automotive industry is also increasing. Among the requirements for coated steel plates in the steel industry, the most representative and fastest developing one is galvanized steel plates. The widely used zinc based alloy coatings in the automotive industry mainly include zinc nickel alloys and zinc iron alloys, as well as pure zinc, Zn Ni Co Mo, Zn Co MO, and Zn Al plating.

Zinc nickel alloy coated steel plate has less pulverization and peeling during the stamping process, making it easy to stamping. There are very few dents and defects generated during the stamping process. Therefore, electro galvanizing nickel alloy steel is the fastest growing type of galvanized zinc alloy steel, and electro galvanized nickel alloy steel has been widely used in the automotive industry. For example, Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan uses galvanized nickel steel to make interior and exterior panels of car bodies, and Ford Motor Corporation in the United States uses it to make interior and exterior panels of car bodies.

Titanium Anodes For Electrogalvanizing Advantages

The selection and preparation of anode materials is a very important issue in the high-speed electroplating process. The structural form, lifespan, and quality of galvanized steel plates of the plating bath largely depend on the anode. There are two types of anodes used in electro galvanizing, namely soluble anodes and insoluble anodes. Due to the advantages of improving the uniformity of the coating, reducing energy consumption, and avoiding frequent replacement, insoluble titanium anodes can ensure operational efficiency and production continuity. Therefore, insoluble titanium anodes have been widely used in many galvanizing industries.

Galvanizing electrolyte for steel plate: 1m/L ZnS04, 0.7m/L Na2S04, Ph: 1.5, Ir-Ta titanium electrode working life: 10000h (417 days) under conditions of 100A/dm2 and 60 degrees Celsius.

Titanium Anodes For Electrogalvanizing Case

Titanium Anode for USIMINAS in Brazil steel plants from 2017

Working Condition:

  • Electrolytic zinc solution: PH 1.3 – 2.0

  • Temperature: 65℃

  • Density: 1.25 kg/L

  • Electric current: 23000 A, voltage: 24V

Anode Information accordingly:

  • Overall Dimensions: 5*995*1750mm, with holes and bolts.

  • Coating: Ir/Ta oxide mixed coating + Platinum plating.

  • Feature: One side coated with platinum, and the other side coated with oxide of the Iridium/Tantalum.

Titanium Anodes For Electrogalvanizing

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