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Titanium Bolt Wholesale

Titanium bolts have the characteristics of low density, high specific strength, good corrosion resistance, low thermal conductivity, non-toxic and non magnetic properties, weldability, good biocompatibility, and strong surface decoration. They are a lightweight, high-strength, corrosion-resistant structural material widely used in high-precision fields such as aerospace, medical equipment, sports products, and precision products.

The conventional production process for titanium bolts is cold heading and machining. Machined titanium bolts are often produced using gr5 gr7 gr12 gr23 titanium alloy. The main reason is that this titanium alloy has a relatively high hardness, good comprehensive mechanical properties, and is suitable for machining. The precision of machined products is high; Cold heading is mainly used for mold pier forming, so it is required that the material should not be too hard, and the more suitable material inside titanium is gr1 gr2 pure titanium material.


Titanium Bolt Specification

Common Titanium bolts specificationDIN912 hex socket head cap bolts
DIN7991 hex socket countersunk head bolts
ISO 7380 hex socket button head bolts
DIN933 hex head bolts
DIN913 hex socket set bolts
DIN 912 TX torx socket cap head bolts
DIN6921 hex flange bolts
ISO4014 hex head bolts
Other bolts can be customized according to drawing.
Material standardASTM B348, ASTM B381, ASTM F67, ASTM F136

Application of Titanium Bolts

  • Nuclear industry

During the construction of nuclear reactors, many components, pipes and related parts need a large number of titanium and titanium alloy metals, and titanium alloy screws are one of them.

  • Electronic equipment

Previously, many mobile phones and computers used steel screws. But the steel has magnetism and needs demagnetization treatment, otherwise the steel screws are easily magnetized by the influence of electromagnetic fields, which affects the network signal. Titanium alloy screws are non magnetic, lightweight, and have high strength, making them very suitable for use as fasteners in electronic devices.

  • Medical industry

Titanium is a biometallic metal widely used in the medical industry. Titanium alloy screws are commonly used as bone joining materials in clinical orthopedics, as well as in the production of dental implants and intramedullary nails. They are sturdy and not easily deformed.

  • Aerospace

The aerospace industry remains the most important user of titanium, and using titanium alloy bolts instead of steel bolts with similar strength has a significant effect on reducing aircraft weight. In addition, titanium alloy has good elasticity and no magnetism, which also plays a very important role in preventing screw loosening and magnetic field interference.

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Changsheng Titanium Offers Wide Ranges of Titanium Products and Alloys
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