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Titanium Tee & Cross

Tees, also known as pipe fittings or tee fittings, tee joints, etc. Mainly used to change the direction of the fluid, used at the main pipeline or branch pipe. A tee has three openings, one inlet and two outlets; A type of chemical pipe fitting with two inlets and one outlet, consisting of T-shaped and Y-shaped fittings, with equal diameter nozzles and reducing diameter nozzles, used at the confluence of three identical or different pipelines.


Titanium Tee & Cross Specifications

ProductTitanium Tee (T(S), T(R)), Titanium Cross(CR(S), CR(R)
TypeEqual/Straight Tee
Reducing Tee
GradeGr1, Gr2, Gr5, Gr7, Gr11, Gr12
Other materialN4, N5, N6, NO2200, NO2201, MONEL400, INCONEL 600, ZR702
SpecificationOuter Diameter DN15-1200 NPS 1/2"-48"
Wall Thickness 2MM-30MM SCH5S-SCH160
StandardASME B16.9-2007, ASTM B363, MSS SP 43-1991, MSS SP 75-2008, GB/T12459
TechniqueSeamless Extrusion, Buttwelding
Surface FinishedSand Blasting, Polishing
Quality    Control100% X-RAY or Dye Penetrate Test
Applicationpetroleum, gas, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, pharmacy, shipyard and other similar yield.

Titanium Tee & Cross Production Process

There are three forming methods for tees, small seamless tees usually use hydraulic bulging and hot extrusion method, and large diameter tees usually use butt welding.

Titanium Tee & Cross Hydraulic Bulging

The cut pipe is placed in a hydraulic mold and liquid is filled into the pipe. Hydraulic pressure pushes the pressure in the branch out of the fixed hole in the mold, resulting in good surface finish.

Titanium Tee & Cross Hot Extrusion

Tees made of large diameter, thick wall thickness, or challenging special materials are manufactured using hot extrusion methods, which cannot be manufactured using hydraulic expansion methods. In the hot extrusion method, by using pipes with a diameter greater than the finished product size and with the help of extrusion tools, the branch outlet is squeezed out of the pipe.

Titanium Tee & Cross Butt Welding

For the production process of titanium tees with larger diameters, generally OD133mm and above, welded pipes are used due to the lack of seamless pipes in the basic pipe material or the relatively high cost of seamless pipes. Alternatively, the plates are cut into two corresponding shapes and extruded into a mold to weld the two formed half tees into finished products.

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