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Chlor–alkali Electrolyzer

Electrolyzer is one of the most important equipment in the chlor-alkali industry. It is the main equipment for electrolysis of brine into hydrogen, chlorine and sodium hydroxide. The ionic membrane plays the role of separating sodium hydroxide and chlorine. Our company can provide several types of ionic membrane electrolyzers, including 2.7m2, 2.72m2 and 3.276m2 electrolyzers, and we have a variety of invention patents to upgrade and improve the original UHDE, AKC, BiTAC and other electrolyzers, which makes the design of the electrolytic cell more reasonable, with high current density, low voltage loss, and improved production efficiency. The following is an introduction to our company's TJ-V electrolyzer, and it can be replaced with UHDE electrolytic cells.


Main Technical Characteristization for Chlor–alkali Electrolyzer Cell

Cell Dimension2446mm×1300mm×(40mm/30mm)
Anode Half shell2360*1210*40(mm)
Anode Half shell with Flange2446*1300*40(mm)
Cathode Half Shell2360*1210*30(mm)
Cathode Half Shell with Flange2446*1300*30(mm)
Effective Area2.72m2
Designed Operation Current12.15-16.2kA(Current Density :4.5-6.0 kA/m2)
Cell Voltage5.0kA/m2,90℃,caustic soda concentration 32%(w/w),cell voltage ≤2.95V
6.0kA/m2,90℃,caustic soda concentration 32%(w/w),cell voltage ≤3.00V

Our Electrolyzer Advantages Compared To The Uhde 4b Electrolyzers

  • The internal circulation structure of anode design is scientific

  • Anode membrane pole pitch structure

  • Low back-to-back contact voltage between unit cell groups

  • Titanium and nickel metal head pipes have a long service life

  • The spacing of the ribs in the unit cell is small, the electrode mesh plate has a strong pressure-bearing capacity, and the uniformity of conduction and the strength of the cell are improved.(we produced 25 conductive strips are distributed on the back plate)

  • The liquid inlet and outlet hoses adopt threaded connection, which is easy to operate, safe and reliable

  • The anode flange and the flange of the inlet and outlet pipes are made of titanium-palladium alloy (gr7), the material price is very high, and it is very corrosion-resistant.

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