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Medical Titanium Sheet

In the medical industry, Titanium has almost zero activity and salt solubility in the human body, the metal materials must be harmless to the human body. When metal corrodes, it can dissolve metal ions and have an impact on the cellular tissues of living organisms (human bodies). Therefore, it is necessary to choose metal materials that are not easy to corrode and have high corrosion resistance. Titanium is a type of high corrosion resistance material, Medical titanium sheet is used for surgical implants and orthopedic instruments. If you want to know more about medical titanium sheet price and costs, please do not hesitate to contact the Changsheng titanium sheet supplier.


Medical Titanium Sheet Specification

There are three American standards for medical titanium sheet, and each corresponding material is as follows:
corresponding materialASTM F67 is for medical grade F-1, F-2, F-3, F-4 pure titanium sheet.
ASTM F136 for Ti6Al4V ELI (UNS R56401) alloy titanium sheet.
ASTM F1295 for TC20/Ti6Al7Nb alloy titanium sheet.
SizeThk(0.5 - 60 )mm*(W<1000)mm*L
Production methodHot rolled or cold rolled
SurfaceBright, polished, acid washing

Medical Titanium Sheet Applications

  • Plastic Surgery

Medical titanium mesh, titanium plate, titanium nail and other implants have been widely used for internal fixation after oral and maxillofacial injuries, as well as functional repair and reconstruction after maxillofacial bone tissue resection. Skull plates can also be made for skull repair, and titanium mesh can be used to repair damaged skull and dura mater. Implants, personalized abutments, and denture brackets can be made in the oral cavity, Titanium alloy materials such as crowns and bridges have also achieved good results.

  • Heart Valves

The American Active Metal Company provides a titanium material for making aortic valves. Surgeons place the heart valve made of medical titanium sheet in a proper position without suturing.

  • Artificial Lung

Microbubble oxygenator (artificial lung), the second generation of Cardiac surgery in China, uses microporous titanium sheets in its key parts. It serves as a gas diffusion element to diffuse oxygen into the blood of patients undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass. Transforming venous blood into arterial blood serves as an artificial lung during surgery when the patient's own lung pauses.

  • Artificial joints

Medical titanium sheet are commonly used for artificial femoral joints, artificial knee joints, and bone plates, which are suitable for plastic surgery. Rheumatism, which means severe joint and muscle pain, is also an allergic disease, which makes it difficult to walk. If patients with this disease undergo artificial femoral joint and artificial knee Joint replacement, the pain can be completely eliminated and they can walk

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