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Welded Titanium Pipe

Compared to commonly used transportation pipelines, although welded titanium pipes have higher investment costs. However, due to its superior service life and maintenance cycle compared to other metal pipelines, welded titanium pipes have become the preferred pipe material in many industries to replace stainless steel pipes, copper nickel alloy pipes, and  seamless titanium pipes.


Welded Titanium Pipe Specification


Outside diamter



Size range:

5mm – 20000mm

0.5mm – 50mm

Max 15m

Production standard

ASTM B338 、  ASTM B862

Welded Titanium Pipe Application

  • Application in seawater desalination

In the past, most of the materials used for condenser tubes in seawater desalination equipment in China were copper alloy tubes, but their corrosion resistance was poor, and with the increase of copper price, the cost also increased significantly. Nowadays, the country is more willing to use welded titanium pipes with higher cost but better corrosion resistance.

  • Application in the power industry

Both thermal and nuclear power plants require the use of a large number of heat exchanger devices, such as condensers, condensers, heat exchangers, etc. These power plants often use seawater as the cooling medium, and generally use corrosion-resistant and long maintenance cycle welded titanium pipes as cooling pipes.

  • Application in the petrochemical industry

In some petrochemical fields, such as coolers used in crude oil refining and P-Xylene production, stainless steel welded pipes are not suitable for use, and pitting corrosion is very likely to occur. welded titanium pipes must be used.

In the chemical industry, many highly corrosive devices can only ensure the normal operation of equipment and reduce maintenance time and frequency by using titanium welded pipes.

  • Sports industry

Stainless steel welded pipes are mainly used in sports equipment, but welded titanium pipes are also widely used in sports equipment. Currently, the most commonly used ones include golf clubs, bicycle frames, etc.

At the end of 2020, the company's Qingbaijiang branch built four new fully automatic titanium welded pipe production lines in the Jiwei Smart Industrial Park, all designed and installed by the company itself. At present, the company's titanium welded pipe products rely on the resource advantages, excellent quality, and good reputation of Pangang, and have established stable cooperative relationships with relevant enterprises in Guangdong, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Sichuan, and other places. Some products are exported to countries such as Japan, South Korea, and the United States, with sales steadily increasing. This year, the contract order volume is expected to exceed 800 tons.

Welded Titanium Pipe Quality Requirements

  • Welders should clean the surface of the welded bead and ensure a good appearance. The width should cover the edge of the groove by 2mm on each side, and the height of the weld leg of the fillet weld should comply with the design regulations, with a smooth transition in appearance.

  • No defects such as cracks, incomplete fusion, porosity, slag inclusion, spatter, and weld overlap are allowed;

  • Weld reinforcement:

When the wall thickness is less than 5mm, it is 0-1.5mm;

When the wall thickness is greater than 5 mm, it is 1.0-2.0mm.

  • The misalignment of the weld surface should not exceed 10% of the wall thickness and should not exceed 1mm.

  • To prevent undercutting on the surface of the weld seam, the depth should be less than 10% of the wall thickness and not more than 0.5mm. The total length of the undercut on both sides of the weld shall not exceed 5% of the length of the weld.

  • PT inspection: Conduct PT inspection on the root weld pass, and it is qualified if there are no cracks or other surface defects.

  • RT inspection: 100% RT inspection for all weld beads.

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