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Baoji City Changsheng Titanium Co.,Ltd. is registered in 2006. Registered capital of 10 million yuan, the legal person is Zhao Wenhua. Before 2006, the factory is formed as forged workshop, no been registered. The year of 2006 was exist as a starting for Changsheng Titanium Co. The factory is located in today’s No.26 Baotai Road Weibin District, Baoji City, Shaanxi Province. The factory is major in forging, continuing the previous processing mode, but the scales has expanded nearly 30 times, and was on the right track. In 2008, it passed ISO 9001 certification.

In 2010, Baoji City Changtai Metals Trading Co.,Ltd. was registered, with capital of one million yuan. The legal person was Zhao Wenli. It was located in today’s No.26 Baotai Road Weibin District, Baoji City, Shaanxi Province.

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Our Advantages


Set up from 2001, nearly 20 years manufacturering experiences in titanium industry.

Factory advantage

Two real factory entitle, two complete production line of titanium bar and titanium tube, keep sure the high quality and delivery time.

Quality certification

ISO Quality Management System, and exclusive letters patent in titanium tube.

Service Specialty

Professional 2 foreign sales teams, started 2008 years, 12 years service experiences.

About Company Name

Baoji City Changsheng Titanium Co.,Ltd.

Changsheng is from the idiom prosperity, meaning the company's business keep prosperous, keep one hundred years of success. 

Baoji City Changtai Metal Trading Co.,Ltd.

Changtai, in addition to the meaning of the prosperity of the company, and also the hope of the peaceful and peaceful of nation.

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Changsheng Titanium Logo

About Logo

The Logo of Changsheng is an S composed of two C, and Changsheng is the initials of Changsheng. From the shape, C is like our curved palm, with two hands representing two people. The company was founded by Zhao brothers -- Zhao wenhua and Zhao wenli. The two hands are tightly linked to represent the two brothers' concerted efforts. In addition to having deep implication, such design and color choice are also very fastidious and aesthetic.

About Founders

Before 2001, Zhao brothers were all workers of Baoti Group, because their parents were Baoti’s workers. After 2000, as the overall shape of the country changed, local governments began to encourage workers to go into business. Under this background, Zhao brothers began a new attempt, the establishment of the forging workshop, the prototype of the Changsheng Titanium Co. The original workshop had just over 200 square meters and three workers. Mr. Zhao Wenhua, the elder, was responsible for workshop management and process control. Mr. Zhao Wenli, the younger, was in charge of the company's business. The elder is rigorous and hands-on, and has a clear idea and implementation of the direction and management of the factory. The younger is outgoing, good at communication and handy in business development. With their joint efforts, they registered Changsheng and Changtai companies in 2006 and 2010 respectively.

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