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Medical Titanium Wire

Pure titanium wire, titanium alloy wire, titanium eyeglass wire (TB5 titanium wire), pressure vessel titanium welding wire, titanium straight wire, titanium coiled wire, titanium welding, titanium hanging wire, titanium bright wire, medical titanium wire (gr23/Gr5Eli titanium wire), and 3D printing titanium wire are the different types of titanium wire available. The most popular titanium alloy for 3D printing is the titanium alloy Ti6Al4/gr5 and Ti6Al4V ELI/Gr23.


Titanium Wire Specifications


gr1 gr2 gr3 gr4 gr5 gr7 gr9 gr12 gr23 tc11 tb5 tb9 tc20


ASTM B863, AWS A5.16 (titanium welding wire standard), ASTM F67, ASTM F136




1) Black surface with oxide

2) Picking surface (removing the oxide)

3) Bright surface (titanium original color)

Delivery status

Hot working status (R), cold working status (Y), annealing status (M)


1. Straight wire: 1-8mm, 5kg/plastic box,

2. In spool: 0.1-1mm, 0.8kg/spool, 1kg. spool, 10kg/spool

3. In coil: 1-8mm, 20-80kg per coil

Medical Titanium Wire Applications

The attributes of titanium wire are light weight, high strength, metallic sheen, and strong resistance to corrosion. It is referred to as a ''space metal,'' ''smart metal,'' ''biometallic metal,'' and ''versatile metal'' because of its stable chemical properties, which also provide it good resistance to high temperature, low temperature, strong acid, and strong alkali, as well as high strength and low density.

  • At the moment, titanium welding wires make up more than 80% of all titanium and titanium alloy wires. For instance, welding pipes, repairing jet engine turbine discs and blades, welding gearboxes, and welding other titanium equipment.

  • Due to its exceptional corrosion resistance, titanium wire is widely utilized in sectors such as the chemical, pharmaceutical, paper, and jewelry industries. For instance, a filter screen is woven using pure titanium wire.

  • Due to their exceptional all-around performance, titanium and titanium alloy wires are used to manufacture fasteners, load-bearing parts, springs, etc.

  • Medical titanium wire: The production of medical equipment, implant dental crown fixation, skull fixation, etc. in the human body all use titanium and titanium alloy wires.

  • Because titanium nickel alloy wire has a form memory property, it is utilized to make satellite antennae and shoulder pads for apparel.

  • Different electrodes are made with titanium and titanium alloy wires in the water treatment and electroplating sectors.

  • Gr5 and Gr23 titanium wire are two types of titanium wire that are frequently used in 3D printing. Gr5 titanium wire is frequently used in high-performance industries like aircraft, medicine, shipbuilding, and chemical engineering because of its high specific strength and resistance to corrosion. Gr23 titanium wire is printed into surgical instruments, spinal orthopedic rods, plates, screws, and other goods for medical implants because of its biocompatibility, corrosion resistance, and hardness.

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