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Titanium Retangular/Square Tube

Titanium tubes can be divided into circular tubes, square tubes, and rectangular tubes according to their shape. Under conditions of equal circumference, the circular area is the largest, so circular tubes can transport more fluid. However, circular tubes also have certain limitations. For example, under the condition of planar bending, the strength of circular pipes is not as good as that of square or rectangular pipes. Square and rectangular pipes are hollow pipes with rectangular or square cross section. They have good comprehensive mechanical properties, good weldability, cold and Hot working properties, corrosion resistance, and low temperature toughness. If you want to know more about titanium rectangular tube price and cost, please do not hesitate to contact CS titanium tube supplier.


Titanium Square/Rectangular Tube Specifications


Gr1, gr2, gr5, gr9, gr12

Titanium square tube size

10 * 10mm/15 * 15mm/16 * 16mm/18 * 18mm/20 * 20mm/25 * 25mm/30 * 30mm/40 * 40mm/50 * 50mm/100 * 100mm/150 * 150mm

Titanium rectangular tube size

13 * 8mm/20 * 10mm/25 * 15mm/40 * 10mm/35 * 15mm/40 * 20mm/40 * 25mm/50 * 30mm/50 * 40mm


Pickling treatment/Bright





Titanium Square/Rectangular Tube Production Process

Titanium Square or rectangular tubes are produced from circular tubes using molds, and the approximate production process is as follows:

Round tube billet→ primary annealing → cold rolling → secondary annealing → straightening and machining treatment of inner and outer surface oxide skin→ semi-finished circular tubes → multiple rolling→ to obtain seamless circular tubes with the same circumference and wall thickness as square/rectangular tubes → to obtain annealed seamless circular tubes → to gradually transform the tubes into square or rectangular tubes through molds →  annealing, straightening → to produce titanium square or rectangular tubes.

Titanium Square/Rectangular Tube Applications

The titanium square/rectangular pipes are used in buildings, machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding, electroplating plant supports, solar power generation supports, steel Structural engineering, power engineering, power plants, agricultural and chemical machinery, automobile chassis, residential buildings, pressure vessels, oil storage tanks, bridges, power station equipment, crane transport machinery and other high load welding components.

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