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Sintered Titanium Tube

The titanium sintered tube is made of titanium alloy powder through processes such as graded forming, sintering, and mechanical welding. The tube has advantages such as high strength, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, good oxidation resistance, high filtration accuracy, and easy regeneration. It is suitable for solid-liquid separation of low viscosity media containing rigid particles The commonly used brands are gr1 and gr2.


Sintered Titanium Tube Specifications

Outside diameter

30, 50, 60, 80mm

Normal length

5", 10", 20", 30", 40", etc




Titanium powder

Maximum temperature


Customize or not


Common interfaces

DOE. M20, M30, etc



Sintered Titanium Tube

Sintered Titanium Tube Advantages

  • It has excellent corrosion resistance in organic acids, inorganic acids, organic compounds, and alkaline solutions.

  • Suitable for a wide range of media and can be filtered in ozone containing disinfection water.

  • Maximum (thermal fatigue resistance) temperature: 280 ℃.

  • Lightweight and sturdy, with good mechanical performance and long service life.

  • Filter nominal accuracy: 0.45um-100um.

  • High filtration efficiency: 95% -99.9%.

  • Low working pressure difference: The initial rated working permeability pressure is 0.03MPa.

  • Easy to backwash, can be soaked in acid or alkaline solution, regenerated by ultrasound, and reused.

Sintered Titanium Tube Applications

  • Electronic industry: reverse osmosis water system pre-filtration, deionized water system filtration.

  • Food industry: filtration of beverages, alcoholic beverages, raw materials, purified water, etc.

  • Chemical industry: solvent immersion, ultrasonic cleaning, high-pressure water cleaning, acid cleaning, and furnace baking.

  • Pharmaceutical industry: hot water immersion, steam washing, hydrolysis, brushing, compressed air blowing.

  • Other: filtration of electroplating solution, metal cutting fluid, photosensitive and corrosion-resistant agents, and magnetic media.

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