Titanium clad steel plate
titanium clad steel

Titanium Clad Steel Plate

Titanium clad steel plate is an advanced metal layered composite material composed of titanium plate and steel plate in a layered manner. Titanium is widely used as a material for various chemical reaction vessels and heat exchangers due to its excellent corrosion resistance, but its disadvantage is its high cost. Especially when used as a structural component, this problem is particularly prominent, and an effective solution is to use titanium clad steel plate. The composite material of titanium and ordinary steel is called titanium steel composite material, which has both the corrosion resistance of titanium and the strength of ordinary steel plates as structures. Importantly, the cost has also significantly decreased. The titanium coating material is generally made of industrial pure titanium such as gr1 or gr2, or titanium alloys such as gr5 (Ti6Al4V). The steel base material is generally Q235, Q345 and other low-carbon steel, or 304316 and other stainless steel. If you want to know more about the specifications of titanium clad steel plate and titanium clad steel plate cost and price, please do not hesitate to contact Changsheng titanium plate supplier.


Titanium Clad Steel Plate Specifications

Titanium layer thickness


Base material thickness






Titanium Clad Steel Plate Production Method

The production of titanium processed materials in Japan began in 1954, while titanium steel composite plates began in 1962. At that time, the production method was explosive composite method, which was a combination of explosive energy. In 1986, the explosive+thick plate hot rolling method and continuous hot rolling strip coil production method were developed, mainly referring to the production of thin plates.

Titanium Clad Steel Plate Applications

The titanium clad steel plates manufactured by explosion and hot rolling methods are thick plates, mainly used as corrosion-resistant structural materials, such as for chemical equipment and condenser tube plates used in power generation equipment. The titanium clad steel plates manufactured by continuous hot rolling is a thin plate mainly used for lining marine steel structures, and its application field is marine civil engineering.

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