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Titanium foil is a titanium sheet, strip, roll, or sheet with a thickness of less than or equal to 0.1mm, and is divided into pure titanium foil materials (gr1, gr2, gr3, gr4). Among them, the thickness of gr4 material can only reach 0.3mm or more, which is different from titanium alloy foil materials (gr5, gr7, gr12, gr23). The width of titanium foil is cut according to the user's requirements. However, the larger the width during manufacturing, the higher the productivity. The length of the roll body determines the maximum width of the rolled foil material, and the wider, thinner, and harder the rolled piece, the more difficult it is to roll. The maximum width of rolled titanium foil is approximately 600mm.


Titanium Foil Specifications






As your need

Thickness tolerance


Width tolerance



In coil or flat

Production method

cold rolled


Clean, dust-free, long acid-resistant service life.


Chemical composition test and mechanical properties test


Export wooden case

Titanium Foil Production Method

Electrode preparation → Vacuum melting → Forging and opening → Hot rolling → Cold rolling → Annealing (heat treatment) → Plate, strip, and foil

Titanium Foil Rolling

The manufacturing method of titanium foil is the most widely used with flat roller strip rolling, which has high productivity, large scale, and output. Basically, production is carried out using a six roll cold rolling mill or a 20 roll cold rolling mill. The final product adopts the cold rolling process, and the precision of the cold rolled titanium foil product is high, with uniform and excellent surface shape, stable and uniform mechanical properties and structure.

Heat Treatment of Titanium Foil

There are currently two heat treatment methods for titanium foil and titanium strip: vacuum annealing and continuous online protection annealing. Vacuum annealing is the process of placing rolled or sheet titanium foil in a vacuum furnace for heat treatment; Continuous online protective annealing of titanium foil/titanium strip is a new technology introduced in recent years, which has higher production efficiency than vacuum annealing and has higher improvement in product quality. Our Baoji City Changsheng Titanium Co., Ltd., use online annealing process, and thickness detection is γ Radiographic testing, thickness tolerance can be controlled within+/-0.005mm.

Titanium Foil Production Standard

  • Industrial titanium foil/strip standard: ASTM B265

  • Medical standard for pure titanium foil: ASTM F67

  • Gr5Eli/Gr23 titanium alloy titanium foil medical standard: ASTM F136

Titanium Foil Applications

Titanium foil has high strength, good corrosion resistance, excellent quality, and superior corrosion resistance. Titanium foil has a wide range of applications, including high fidelity and clear and bright sound, used as a high pitched film for speakers and speakers. Titanium foil is also used in electronics, chemicals, watches, glasses, jewelry, sports equipment, mechanical equipment, electroplating equipment, environmental protection equipment, golf, precision processing, energy related applications (including solar panels, speaker components, and medical equipment shells), as well as in the manufacturing of electron beam equipment for food sterilization, vulcanization, and a series of industrial purposes.

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