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Titanium Anode For Electrolysis Of Brine

The main purpose of electrolytic brine for titanium anode is Sodium hypochlorite. Sodium hypochlorite solution is a strong oxidant with strong germicidal and disinfection effects. It is the most widely used disinfectant at present. The coating system of this titanium anode is RuO2+IrO2+x, and the titanium anode will be made into a Sodium hypochlorite generator for marketing, The Sodium hypochlorite generator produced by Baoji Changsheng Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. can produce 50g-5kg/L The product supports customization.


Titanium Anode For Electrolysis Of Brine Details

Sodium hypochlorite solution is a powerful oxidant with a wide range of applications, and its germicidal efficacy is equivalent to that of chlorine; Compared with other disinfectants, Sodium hypochlorite liquid can be miscible with water in any ratio, completely solving the technical difficulties of gas disinfectants such as chlorine, Chlorine dioxide, ozone that are difficult to be dissolved in water and difficult to be accurately added, and eliminating the safety hazards such as leakage and toxicity of liquid chlorine, Chlorine dioxide, ozone, and other agents; It is also easy to store, easy to decompose, residue free, non-toxic and harmless to the human body, making it an ideal disinfection method. Therefore, in recent years, more and more domestic waterworks have switched to Sodium hypochlorite disinfection with high safety and simple dosing equipment.

The electrolysis process of saline solution can be represented by the following reaction equation:

NaC l=Na++Cl-

Anode electrolysis: H20=H++OH -2C1--2e -- C12 ↑

Cathodic electrolysis: 2H++2e - H2 ↑

When electrolysis without membrane is used in industry, hydrogen and Sodium hypochlorite will be generated due to the contact of chloride ions or chlorine gas with sodium hydroxide. The general equation of the solution is NaCl+H2O+2F → NaClO+H2 ↑

Titanium Anode For Electrolysis Of Brine Applications

1. Sodium hypochlorite is a disinfectant used to disinfect and inhibit the growth of algae.

  • Used for disinfection of drinking water, including rural drinking water and urban self provided water sources.

  • It is used for the treatment of hospital sewage. The discharged sewage can meet the requirements of backward discharge after being treated with Sodium hypochlorite

  • Used for disinfecting tableware and utensils in restaurants, restaurants, and canteens: Used for disinfecting tea sets, towels, bath towels, etc. in hotels, bathrooms, and other areas. Also suitable for disinfecting tableware, vegetables, fruits, etc. in households.

  • Used for disinfection of swimming pool water.

  • Sterilization and algae control of cooling circulating water in power plants.

2. Reduce the presence of organic compounds in wastewater.

3. Bleaching. Sodium hypochlorite can be used as bleaching solution for papermaking, printing and dyeing, textile and other parts, and its effect is equivalent to that of liquid chlorine or bleaching powder.

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