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Titanium Preheater

A titanium preheater plays a crucial role in vacuum salt-making processes, where high temperatures and corrosive brine can damage equipment and hinder production. The preheater addresses these challenges by efficiently heating raw material salt water before evaporation. Unfortunately, issues with preheating have led to heat energy losses and operational inefficiencies, impacting production. Titanium Grade 2, known for its exceptional corrosion resistance to seawater, chloride solutions, and various fluids, serves as a reliable solution. Its resistance to pitting, contact, wear, and stress corrosion make it an ideal choice for constructing titanium preheaters in the vacuum salt industry. This robust material ensures longevity, performance, and effective heat transfer, safeguarding equipment and enhancing production efficiency.

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Titanium Preheater Specifications

Pressure Vessel ClassⅡgrade
Designing pressure0.35Mpa for tube, 0.45Mpa for shell
Pressure-tight test0.44Mpa for tube, 0.57Mpa for shell
Designing temperature120℃for tube, 50℃ for shell
Max working pressure0.3Mpa for tube, 0.4Mpa for shell.
Heat exchange area151m2
Media4% NaCl solution
Tube materialGrade 2 titanium
Shell materialGrade 2 titanium
ApplicationVacuum salt production project

Why Use the Titanium Preheater

With the continuous completion of vacuum salt-making manufacturers, the severe corrosion of high temperature and strong brine on vacuum salt equipment directly affects the normal operation of equipment capabilities and the normal operation of production. Due to the problem of the preheater, the preheating of the raw material salt water has not passed. Most salt-making manufacturers have evaporated salt water of about 30℃ with the evaporation tank. Except for the condensation water recycled to boiler from the I-effect heating chamber, the condensation water of the remaining heating chambers is not recycled, causing a large amount of heat energy loss. Actually the designer also considered the comprehensive use of thermal energy, as early as 1968, in the design of the salt industry engineering design, there was a preheating device for salt water. The leakage of the pipe and the heating pipe caused the discontinuation of production and affecting the normal operation of production. In less than a year, the salt water heater was forced to abandon.

Titanium Grade 2 is an industrial titanium with a single alpha phase, which has excellent resistance to the corrosion of seawater and anti-chloride solution and the performance of fluids. Titanium is not sensitive to pitting corrosion, contact corrosion, wear corrosion, and stress corrosion. And the corrosion of titanium in wide seams is much smaller than that in narrow seams. So in the vacuum salt industry, grade 2 titanium tubes and titanium plates are commonly used to make titanium preheaters.

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