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Types of Seamless Titanium Tube

The rolling of seamless titanium tube is generally carried out using a reciprocating cold rolling method, and multi pass rolling is generally carried out using double roll (LG) and multi roll (ld) rolling mills. During the deformation process, as the rolling mill rotates and feeds, the wall thickness and diameter of the titanium tube gradually decrease. A unit length of pipe can be rolled 5-10 times to obtain the required seamless titanium tube size specifications by the customers.

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Seamless Titanium Tube Specification

Capillary tubeOD (0.05-3mm) xWT (0.015-0.5mm) xL2000mm
Rolled seamless pipes for heat exchangers and condensersOD (3-114mm) x WT (0.2-5.0mm) x L15000mm
Extruded seamless pipeOD (60-320mm) xWT (5.0-300mm) xL9000mm
Gradegr1 gr2 gr3 gr5 gr7 gr9 gr12 gr23
Tube section shapeCircular (titanium round tube), rectangular (titanium rectangular tube), square (titanium square tube)

Main Production Process of Seamless Titanium Tubes

  • Heating of titanium tube blank. It is heated in a heating furnace, and after being discharged, it is generally sent to the perforation process through thermal centering.

  • Perforate the solid tube blank into a hollow tube blank, and the uniformity of the inner and outer surface quality and wall thickness of the capillary will affect the quality of the finished product

  • Preparation of titanium tube blanks. This includes the storage of titanium tube blanks, tube blank inspection and surface cleaning, tube blank cutting, and tube blank cold centering.

  • Pipe rolling, which thins the perforated capillary tube to achieve the required thermal size and uniformity of the finished product, is the main extension process of pipe rolling. The pipe after this process is called raw pipe.

  • Sizing and reducing. Sizing is the final finishing process of the tube blank, which enables the tube blank to obtain the required outer diameter thermal size and accuracy for the finished tube. Reducing is the process of reducing the diameter of a large pipe to the required size and accuracy, and is also the final finishing rolling process.

  • Titanium seamless tube finishing, inspection, packaging and warehousing. The rolled titanium tubes will be acid pickling treatment first, followed by surface and size inspection, eddy current and ultrasonic testing, expanding and flattening tests, and mechanical property testing. If there are no problems, they will be sent to the warehouse, packaged, and shipped. The packaging is export wooden boxes.

Production Standards For Seamless Titanium Tube

Industrial use: ASTM B338, ASTM B337, ASTM B861

Medical: ASTM F67, ASTM F136

Application of Seamless Titanium Tubes

  • Due to their excellent corrosion resistance, light weight, and high strength, seamless titanium tubes are widely used in the production of heat exchangers in seawater desalination, chemical plants, and the power industry, such as tubular heat exchangers, titanium coil heat exchanger, condensers, evaporators, etc.

  • Titanium tubes have a hollow cross-section and are often used as pipelines for transporting fluids (gr2, gr7, gr12 titanium pipes), such as pipelines for transporting oil, natural gas, gas, water, and certain solid materials.

  • Widely used in the production of layout parts and mechanical parts, such as petroleum drill rods (GR5 titanium tubes), automotive transmission shafts, bicycle frame processing (GR9 titanium tubes), as well as gun barrels, barrels, etc., all require seamless titanium tubes for production.

  • Titanium tubes have good biocompatibility and are used to replace medical devices such as human tissues, such as joint replacement surgery, cochlear implants, artificial heart valves, and can also be used as scaffolds in vascular and cardiac bypass grafting.

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