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Titanium Plate

Titanium plate is a material made of titanium metal. Titanium is a metal with lightweight, high strength, corrosion resistance, and high temperature resistance, widely used in fields such as aerospace, chemical engineering, medical equipment, ocean engineering, automotive manufacturing, and electronic equipment.


Production Introduction of Titanium Plate

Titanium plates are usually manufactured through cold rolling or hot rolling processes. During the manufacturing process of cold rolled titanium sheets, the titanium billets are pressed by multiple cold rolling rolls, gradually becoming thinner and ultimately forming the required plate-like material. Hot-rolled titanium plate is formed by heating the titanium billet to a certain temperature, rolling and stretching it in a rolling mill, and transforming it into a plate shape.

Titanium Plate Specifications

Product name




Titanium coil/strip



Length: as your need

Unit weight:<8T





GR1 GR2 GR3 GR4 GR5  GR7 GR9 GR11 GR12 GR23 TB5 TB9

Titanium plate






Titanium Plate Applications

  • Aerospace: Titanium plates are widely used in the aerospace field in aircraft structures, engine components, spacecraft shells, etc. Aerospace titanium plates, due to their lightweight, high strength, and excellent corrosion resistance, help reduce aircraft weight, improve fuel efficiency, and flight performance.

  • Chemical industry: Due to its excellent corrosion resistance, titanium plates are widely used in the manufacturing of chemical equipment, such as reactors, heat exchangers, storage tanks, etc. They can resist corrosive media such as acid, alkali, and salt, providing a longer service life.

  • Medical devices: Titanium plates are widely used in medical device manufacturing - medical titanium plates, such as artificial joints, dental implants, surgical instruments, etc. Titanium plates have the characteristics of good biocompatibility, low density, and high strength, making them an ideal choice for medical materials.

  • Marine engineering: Due to its excellent corrosion resistance and seawater corrosion resistance, titanium plates are widely used in the field of marine engineering, such as offshore platforms, submarine pipelines, ship components, etc., and can maintain good performance in harsh marine environments.

  • Automotive manufacturing: Titanium plates are used in automotive manufacturing to manufacture body structural components, exhaust systems, chassis components, etc. Due to the lightweight and high strength of titanium plates, they can reduce car weight, improve fuel efficiency and driving performance.

  • Electronic equipment: Titanium plates are used in the field of electronic equipment to manufacture electronic shells, heat sinks, and other components. Titanium plates have good thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, which can provide good protection and heat dissipation effects.

In addition to the above fields, titanium plates are also widely used in various fields such as sports goods, cosmetics packaging, solar energy industry, textile industry, etc. With the progress of technology and the continuous expansion of titanium material applications, the application fields of titanium plates are still expanding.

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