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Porous Titanium Sheet

A porous titanium sheet also known as titanium sintered plate, is a porous titanium filter element made from industrial high-purity titanium powder (gr1 gr2 or gr5 alloy titanium powder), which is sieved, cold isostatic pressed, and sintered at high temperature and high vacuum. This porous titanium sheet has excellent performance such as corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high strength, easy to ensure filtration accuracy, and easy regeneration.

In addition to porous titanium sheets, our company can also produce stainless steel sintered plates and nickel based alloy sintered plates. If you want to know more about Porous titanium sheet price and cost, please do not hesitate to contact the Changsheng titanium plate supplier.


Porous Titanium Sheet Details

Production process: metal powder screening - isostatic pressing forming - vacuum high temperature sintering.

Structural characteristics: Structural characteristics: The porous titanium sheet material contains a large number of connected or semi-connected pores, and the pore structure is composed of regular and irregular powder particles stacked together. The size and distribution of pores, as well as the size of pores, can be adjusted according to the powder particle size combination and preparation process to meet the actual needs of customers.

Porous titanium sheet advantages: good permeability, controllable pore size and pore size, stable shape, high filtration accuracy, wear resistance, good mechanical properties, good thermal conductivity, heat resistance, heat dissipation performance, and can be washed multiple times for use. good damping and impact resistance characteristics.

Porous Titanium Sheet Material Specifications




Hole size


Pressure Mpa (max)

Operating temperature


Allow usage environment

Titanium and titanium alloy





Nitric acid, lactic acid, wet chlorine, seawater, atmosphere

Stainless steel





Nitric acid, sulfuric acid, acetic acid, oxalic acid, phosphoric acid, hydrogen gas, coal gas, etc






Molten sodium, sodium hydroxide, fluoride, chloride gas and liquid.

Porous Titanium Sheet Applications

  • Porous titanium sheet materials are commonly used as filter materials, electrode materials, heat exchange materials, catalyst carrier materials, and noise reduction materials based on their physical and structural characteristics.

  • Decarbonization and filtration of pharmaceutical solutions in the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Precision filtration and gas distribution in the electrolytic gas industry.

  • Porous titanium sheets are used in the medical industry for the production of biological implants.

  • Filtration and ozone aeration after sterilization of odor in the water treatment industry.

  • Clarification and filtration in food and beverage processing.

  • Pre-filtration of reverse osmosis systems in the electronic industry.

  • Terminal filtration of petroleum products in the petrochemical industry and filtration of chemical carbon alkali liquids.

  • Aviation and space industry medium and high-pressure air filtration.

  • The filtration and recovery of precious metal catalysts in the fine chemical industry.

  • As the electrode substrate of a fuel cell.

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