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Titanium Mesh Sheet

Titanium mesh sheet is divided into two types: titanium stretched mesh sheet and titanium woven wire mesh sheet. Titanium stretched mesh sheet is produced by mechanical processing of molds, with diamond shaped holes. Titanium woven wire mesh sheet is a mesh made of titanium wire, the hole is a square. If you want to know more about titanium mesh composite and titanium mesh price, please do not hesitate to contact Changsheng titanium plate supplier.


Titanium Stretch Mesh Sheet Specifications


gr1 gr2, pure titanium


0.1mm above

Hole shape

diamond shaped hole


0.3 * 0.5mm 1 * 2mm 2 * 3mm 3 * 6mm 4 * 8mm 5 * 10mm. etc


acid washed surface

Production method

Mold stretching


The shape of the titanium stretching mesh is a diamond shaped hole, with high porosity, large surface area, and high strength. Due to the acid and alkaline resistance of the titanium mesh itself, it is often used to manufacture battery current collectors, titanium anode substrates for ion exchange membrane electrolyzers, filter titanium mesh, produce titanium mesh baskets, and manufacture titanium anode components.

Titanium Woven Mesh Specifications


gr1, gr2, gr5



Hole shape


Mesh numbers

0.5-300 mesh


black, pickled, glossy

Weaving method

plain weave, twill weave


Titanium woven mesh has properties such as acid resistance, alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, and wear resistance. Mainly used in the manufacturing of titanium mesh filters, titanium filters, titanium collector nets, titanium shielding nets, vacuum high-temperature equipment, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, mechanical manufacturing and other fields.

What Is Titanium Mesh Sheet Used For?

Titanium mesh sheets are primarily used in surgical operations due to their high biocompatibility.

They are often used as a GBR (Guided Bone Regeneration) barrier membrane for bone augmentation.The application of titanium mesh sheets is critical in dental and orthopedic surgeries where bone regeneration is required.

Beyond the medical field, titanium mesh sheets have a wide range of applications in the aerospace industry, titanium mesh sheets are used in the construction of high-strength structures.

In the chemical industry, titanium mesh sheets are used in the fabrication of corrosion-resistant equipment.

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