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Gr5 Titanium Tube

The 21st century is an era of sustainable development of the marine economy, and marine resources are an important sector of economic development. Gr5 titanium tube has become the preferred material for deep-sea equipment manufacturing due to its excellent corrosion resistance, low density, and high specific strength. It is widely used in the production of oil wells, geothermal and natural gas well pipelines, as well as precision instruments and meters. If you want to know more about the gr5 titanium tube price and cost, please do not hesitate to contact the CS titanium tube supplier.


Gr5 Titanium Tube Size

Outside diameter


Wall thickness




Some Sizes of Gr5 Titanium Tube Applications for Your Reference:

  • OD.52*6.5*L/ OD.40*3.5*L/OD.40*12*L used for aeroplane.

  • OD.34.9*0.9*L/44.5*1.37*L used for titanium bike frame manufacturing.

  • OD.98~OD.168mm used in petroleum industry.

Gr5 Titanium Tube Production Process

The GR5 titanium pipes on the market are mainly high-strength thick walled pipes produced by hot extrusion and rolling methods. If the length is short, it can be formed by direct forging and turning. Another process is to directly drill deep holes on the forged rod and use an external lathe to achieve the size required by the customer. This process can achieve a titanium tube length of 3 meters.

Introduction to Gr5 Titanium Tube Extrusion Process

Grade 5 ingot produced by two vacuum consumable electric furnaces→forged rod billets→extruded tube billets → online straightening and acid pickling surface descaling → internal and external surface processing →finished GR5 titanium alloy tubes.

Gr5 Titanium alloy has poor thermal conductivity, resulting in a significant temperature difference between the surface layer and the central layer of the billet, which exacerbates the non-uniformity of metal flow. As a result, the surface layer generates significant additional tensile stress and forms cracks on the product surface. In severe cases, large extrusion shrinkage holes may occur on extruded bars and pipes. Titanium alloy pipes have significant thermal effects during the extrusion process, which can cause overheating of the structure of the extruded pipes in severe cases, thereby affecting the structure and performance of the product. Therefore, the reasonable selection of extrusion parameters and processes is very important, such as production of the Ф140 * 4 * 4000mm titanium alloy tube is extruded with a compression ratio of 3-10, and an extrusion speed of 50-120mm/s is selected to avoid thermal effects.

Gr5 Titanium Tube Applications

With the acceleration of oil and natural gas drilling and production, the demand for large-diameter extruded titanium alloy gr5 pipes has also increased. These pipes are mainly used for oil wells, geothermal and natural gas well pipelines, etc. The United States will Ф (48~610) * 26 * 2600mm GR5 titanium alloy pipe is used for geothermal and offshore drilling pipelines. Produced by RMI Corporation in the United States Ф 650 * (22-25) * 35000mm ultra long gr9 (Ti-3Al-2.5V) titanium alloy pipe is used for subsea oil extraction. The riser of the Norwegian North Sea drilling support platform is Ф600 * 25 * 1500mm gr5Eli (gr23) titanium alloy pipe. Russian VS MPO company produces gr5 titanium alloy pipes for oil extraction.

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