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The thickness of titanium strip is 0.3-4.75mm, and the width of titanium strip is less than 610mm. It uses high-quality sponge titanium as raw material, and the main production process of titanium strip is cold rolling and hot rolling.


Titanium Strip Development

Titanium strip is difficult to be produced. In hot working, it is very easy to absorb impurities such as hydrogen, oxygen, carbon and nitrogen. At the same time, the wear resistance of titanium strip is poor, and the production process is complex. Before 2007, the industrial production of titanium strips in China was in a blank state, with titanium strips completely relying on imports, high procurement costs, long cycles, and unstable quality, seriously affecting the development of downstream application fields of titanium plates, strips, and welded pipes. In recent years, multiple domestic enterprises have successively rolled hot-rolled and cold-rolled titanium strips. Significant progress has been made in the production technology, heat treatment technology, and rolling process control technology of hot-rolled and cold-rolled pure titanium strips. With the development of domestic nuclear power, the demand for thin-walled titanium welded pipes, chemical and plate replacement titanium strips is becoming increasingly strong.

In 2020, the production of titanium and titanium alloy plates and strips in China accounted for 59.2% of the total titanium raw materials that year, with titanium strips accounting for more than half of the production. For applications in the field of nuclear power condensers and heat exchangers, using titanium strip has outstanding advantages such as high quality stability, suitability for batch continuous production, short production cycle, and cost reduction compared to using block single plates. Currently, titanium strip products have become the preferred material for welded pipes and plate heat exchangers used in nuclear power.

Titanium Strip Specifications

Cold rolled titanium strip thickness


Thickness of hot-rolled titanium strip


Executive standards

ASTM B265, ASTM F67, ASTM F136, AMS 4911


gr1 gr2 gr5 gr23


Cold rolled bright surface and acid washed surface

Titanium Strip Applications

Titanium strip has a low density (4.51KG/m³), a high melting point (1660 ℃), strong corrosion resistance, high specific strength, and good plasticity. There are many special uses for titanium strips, mainly in industries such as chemical, metallurgical, and electric power, titanium plates for plate heat exchangers, composite plates, welding pipes, automotive and motorcycle components, sports and leisure, medical components, steel and metallurgy, high-tech fields, and other industries. Titanium and titanium alloy strips can also be used to make automatic rifles, Mortar base plates, golf heads, etc. With the development of China's large aircraft projects and the vigorous development of coastal power plants, the usage of titanium strip coils will be increasing, especially for cold rolled titanium strip coils.

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