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Titanium washer has the advantages of low density, good mechanical properties, strong toughness and corrosion resistance. Other uses are as spacers, wear-resistant pads, and titanium alloy gaskets for seawater desalination, environmental protection equipment, chemical equipment, mechanical processing, motorcycles, bicycles, etc.


Titanium Washer Specifications

Materialgr1 gr2 gr5 gr7 gr12 TC11 TB5 TB9
Material standardASTM B265 AMS 4911

Titanium Washer Applications

The titanium washer is made of titanium plate through stamping and mechanical processing. Dimensions can be produced according to standards or customized according to customer drawings. The surface should be smooth and free from defects such as peeling, porosity, or cracks. Titanium washers have extremely high corrosion resistance in neutral, oxidizing, and seawater media. Titanium washers work in humid atmospheres and seawater media, and their corrosion resistance is far superior to stainless steel. They have particularly strong resistance to pitting, acid corrosion, and stress corrosion, and have excellent corrosion resistance to organic substances such as alkali, chloride, chlorine, nitric acid, sulfuric acid, etc.

The use temperature of titanium washers is several degrees higher than that of aluminum alloy washers, and they can still maintain the required strength at medium temperatures. They can work for a long time at temperatures ranging from 450 to 500 ℃, while the specific strength of aluminum alloys decreases significantly at 150 ℃.

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