titanium clad copper rod

Titanium Clad Copper Rod

Titanium cladding copper rod, known as there's a certain thickness titanium layer coated on the copper rod. The thickness of the titanium layer is about 0.8~2mm. from the section shape, it can be square, rectangle, flat, drum and round. Zirconium clad copper bar, Nickel clad copper bar. etc also can be produced. If you want to buy titanium bars, please do not hesitate to contact Changsheng titanium clad copper rod supplier.


Titanium Clad Copper Rod Production Method

  • Hot extrusion + cold drawing

Copper rod welded with titanium tube ~ hot extrusion ~ cold drawing ~ other processing.

  • Explosive cladding + hot rolling

Assemble the copper rod into the titanium tube ~ scatter dynamite ~ explosive cladding ~ hot rolling forming ~ cold drawing forming ~ other processing.

Titanium Clad Copper Rod Specifications

Cladding material

Ti, Ni, Zr, 316L.etc

Base material

Pure copper, Aluminum, etc

Section shape and specifications (mm)


φ (2~80) * (0.5~3.0


φ (25, 27, 29, 32, 34* 14 * (1.0z~2.0


side (10~40


length (10~100* width (10~30)



Titanium Clad Copper Rod

Titanium Clad Copper Rod Application Field

Titanium cladding copper rod combines the corrosion resistance of titanium and the super conductivity of copper, and is mainly used as a conductor under strong corrosion conditions. It is widely used in electroplating plants, water treatment and other fields. As the main part of metal anode, titanium copper composite rod has three main functions:

  • Supporting anode, titanium clad copper rod has certain strength and bending resistance, and the yield strength of the rod can reach 128MPA, which fully meets the design requirements.

  • Excellent electrical conductivity, the conductivity of titanium is not good, but the conductivity of copper is very good. The titanium clad copper rod is done by rolling production process to make the titanium and copper completely and tightly bonded without delamination, so it has good Conductive properties, micro resistance micro 7.77 * 10-6 Ω.

  • Excellent Corrosion resistance, the outer layer of titanium cladding copper rod is directly in contact with the electrolyte, and the outer layer of pure titanium has excellent corrosion resistance, and its life is more than 10 times longer than that of other materials.

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