titanium welded tube
titanium welded tubes

Welded Titanium Tubing

Titanium welded pipe is a titanium pipe made by welding titanium plates or strips after bending and forming. The production process of titanium welded tubes is simple, with high production efficiency. The commonly used grades are gr1, gr2, and gr12 The production standard is ATSM B862. If you want to know more about the specifications and prices of titanium welded tubes, please do not hesitate to contact the Changsheng titanium tube supplier.


Welded Titanium Tubing Applications

Used for heat exchanger and condenser: OD (6-40mm) x WT (0.5-2.0mm) x L25000mm

Used for titanium pipeline: OD (40-630mm) xWT (3-10mm) xL6000mm

Used for Titanium exhaust pipe: 38 * 1*L/50.8 * 1*L/60 * 1*L/76 * 1.2*L/89 * 1.2*L. etc

Titanium Welded Tube Production Process

Titanium strip uncoiling → cutting and groove processing → groove peripheral treatment → welding assembly → welding → weld appearance inspection → predetermined diameter → online annealing → precision sizing/straightening → eddy current, ultrasonic testing → length cutting → precision sizing/flat head → air tightness test → finished product inspection → packaging and warehousing.

Titanium Welded Tube Advantages

The mechanical properties of titanium welded tubes and titanium seamless tube are basically the same

With the advancement of welding and heat treatment technology for welded titanium tubing, single gun or multi gun TIG/PAW self fusion welding is commonly used for thin-walled titanium welded pipes in China. After welding, online heat treatment process is adopted. By optimizing the welding and annealing process, the microstructure of the base material, weld seam, and heat affected zone is basically similar, while eliminating welding stress and homogenizing the weld microstructure. Through comparison, it was found that the composition of the titanium welded pipe weld is basically the same as the base metal, and the mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of the weld are no different from the base metal.

The appearance and quality of titanium welded tubes are superior to titanium seamless tubes

Titanium welded pipes are welded using cold rolled strip coils, with uniform wall thickness, good concentricity, good smoothness, and less prone to scaling inside the pipes. Especially for thin-walled titanium tubes, the seamless rolling process cannot meet its technical requirements. It is difficult to achieve a wall thickness of less than 1mm for titanium seamless pipes through rolling or drawing processes; Titanium welded pipes can achieve a wall thickness of 0.5mm or less, saving a lot of materials and costs. At the same time, due to the thin wall thickness of titanium welded tube, higher Heat transfer coefficient can be obtained and better heat transfer effect can be achieved.

Low cost of titanium welded tubes

The yield of titanium seamless tubes from sponge titanium to finished products is only 50%, while welded titanium tubings are produced through automated continuous production lines, using titanium strip coils with uniform wall thickness through cold bending, welding, online heat treatment, sizing and straightening, non-destructive testing, and air-tightness testing. From sponge titanium to welded pipes, the material utilization rate is usually around 80%. If titanium strip coils are used as raw materials, the material utilization rate is above 95%.

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