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Titanium Sterilization Tank

Before the medium is sterilized, it is usually sterilized by the fermented tank air filter and blow dry with the air. After feeding, start stirring to prevent precipitation. Then turn on the fixture steam valve, slowly introduce the steam, so that the ingredients are warmed to about 80℃ and turn off the fixture steam valve. Open the three roads (air, disbursement, sampling) into the auto valve, and open the auto valve. When the temperature rises to 110℃, control the in-entry and exit valve until 121℃ (table voltage 0.1 ~ 0.15MPa), and start thermal insulation, generally heat preservation for 20 minutes. After the heat preservation, turn off the filter exhaust valve and the steam valve. Turn off the sewer valve and turn on the cooling water into the water return valve. When the tank is lower than the pressure of the filter, turn on the air intake valve and introduce sterile air. Then cooling water to reduce the temperature of the medium to the cultivation temperature. If you would like to know more about titanium tank prices and costs, please do not hesitate to contact CS Titanium Engineering.


Titanium Sterilization Tank Specification

Designing pressure

0.09Mpa for tube, 0.09Mpa for shell

Hydrogen test pressure


Working pressure

0.05Mpa for tube, 0.05Mpa for shell

Designing temperature

10~30℃ for coiled tube, 10~130℃ for shell


circulating water for coiled tube, betaine for shell

Heat exchanger area


Coiled tube material

grade 2 titanium

Shell material

grade 2 titanium




Betaine sterilization for pharmaceutical factories

The Purpose of Titanium Tank

The commonly used materials of titanium tanks are pure titanium GR2, GR7 and GR12 titanium alloy, which are resistant to corrosion and light weight. Titanium tanks are suitable for various organic acids, alkaline solutions, inorganic salts solutions, organic compounds and other corrosive liquids.

Other Storage Tanks We Can Produce

Nickel tanks, titanium clad steel tanks, stainless steel tanks, etc.

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CS Titanium Offers Wide Ranges of Titanium Products and Alloys
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