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Titanium Stub End

Titanium stub end is generally used in conjunction with stainless steel or carbon steel flanges to reduce usage costs. This type of flange is also known as looped flange (PJ/SE), looped flange or loose flange.

Titanium stub end, also known as titanium butt welding ring, is used by threading the titanium stub end into the stainless steel flange. The titanium stub end is welded to the pipeline (titanium pipe pipeline), and the two welded titanium stub end are docked, and the stainless steel flange is tightened. The area in contact with the medium in the pipeline is made of titanium material, which means that the original titanium pipe pipeline is contacted with titanium stub end, while the stainless steel flange part is not in contact with the medium and only serves as a fastening effect, greatly reducing costs.


Titanium Stub End Specifications

Product nameTitanium stub end
MaterialsGR2, GR7, GR12, N200, N201, N6, Inconel600, Monel400, Hastelloy-C276
StandardASME B16.9, ASTM B363, EN 1092, ASTM B366, MSS SP-43
NPSGradePatternThicknessTypeStandardAvailable Tests
1/2"~ 4" (DN 15-100)Gr1, Gr2,SP, LPsch 5s-sch 80SMLSANSI/ASME B16.9
MSS SP-43, GB/T-27684
EN 10253, DIN 2616
PMI, Tensile test,
Hydrostatic test,
DPI/RT/X-ray, Hardness
5"~ 8" (DN 125-200)sch 10s-sch 80WELDED
10"~ 48" (DN 250-1200)sch 10s-28mmWELDED

Attentions on Titanium Stub End

Titanium stub end can only be welded with titanium pipes, using argon arc welding, and using titanium wires made of materials similar to titanium flanges. It is not allowed to directly weld with stainless steel pipes or other materials of pipelines. Do not use in high pressure pipeline environments.

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