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Titanium Sputtering Target

A titanium sputtering target is installed on the vacuum deposition machine for coating. It can be plated with conductive film, insulating film, decorative film, superhard film, lubricating film, magnetic film, and other functional films. It is a material used to manufacture thin films using sputtering deposition or thin film deposition technology. In this process, the sputtering target material starts as a solid, which is decomposed into tiny particles by gas ions, forming a spray and covering another material. If you would like to know more about titanium sputtering target disc, please do not hesitate to contact the Changsheng Titanium Tube Supplier.


Titanium Sputtering Target Specifications




Metal target

W, Mo, Zr, Ta, Nb, Ni, Ti, Cr, Al, Cu, Si, Hf



Alloy target

Ti-Al (50: 50at%, 80: 20at%, 70: 30at%, 60: 40at%33: 67at%) ,

Si-Al (90: 10wt%, 70: 30wt%, 50: 50wt%)

Cr-Al (30: 70at%, 50: 50at%, 70: 30at%)

Cr-Si (50: 50wt%)

W-Ti (90: 10wt%)

Ni-Cr (80: 20wt%)

Ti-Zr, Ti-Si, Ti-Nb, Nb-Zr, Nb-W-Zr, Ti-Al-Si



General size


Disc/Multi arc


Other sizes can be customized


Wide max 300mm, length max3000mm


OD70 x Wt7 x L mm

OD80 x Wt8 x L mm

OD127 x ID105 x L mm

OD146 x ID136 x L mm

OD219 x ID194 x L mm

OD300 x ID155 x L mm

Titanium Sputtering Target Applications

  • Architectural glass, car using glass, graphic display field

  • Electronic and semiconductor field

  • Decoration and mould field

  • Optics coating materials

  • Solar photovoltaic industry

  • Wear resistant coating

Titanium Sputtering Target Production Process

  • Powder metallurgy(HIP)

  • Melting processing(Melting,forging,drilling,machining)

  • Thermal spraying

  • Target bonding

Analytical Capability of Titanium Sputtering Target

  • Emission Spectroscopy

  • Direct-coupled plasma spectrometry

  • Atomic absorption spectrometry

  • Scanning electron microscopy

  • X-ray diffraction

Advantages of Titanium Sputtering Targets

  • High Ductility: The high ductility of these titanium sputtering targets allows them to be shaped and molded into various forms without breaking or cracking, providing flexibility in their usage.

  • Excellent Thermal Conductivity: The titanium sputtering targets from Changsheng Titanium exhibit excellent thermal conductivity, ensuring efficient heat dissipation, which is crucial in maintaining the longevity and performance of the equipment they are used in.

  • Optimum, Homogeneous Microstructure: The titanium sputtering targets have an optimum, homogeneous microstructure that ensures consistent sputtering rates, leading to high-quality thin film deposition.

  • Highest Material Purity: Changsheng Titanium guarantees the highest material purity in its titanium sputtering targets. This high purity level reduces the risk of contamination, ensuring the production of high-quality, reliable products.

Basic Requirement of Titanium Sputtering Target

  • Purity: The titanium sputtering target must have a high level of purity, typically above 99.99%, to ensure optimal performance during the sputtering process.

  • Impurity Content: The impurity content in the titanium sputtering target must be minimized. Any impurities can adversely affect the sputtering process and the quality of the thin film produced.

  • Density: The titanium sputtering target must have a high density, close to the theoretical density of titanium. A high-density target ensures uniform sputtering and a consistent thin film.

  • Grain Size: The grain size of the titanium sputtering target must be uniform. This ensures consistent sputtering and a high-quality thin film.

  • Grain Size Distribution: Changsheng Titanium uses advanced manufacturing processes to control the grain size distribution in the titanium sputtering target, ensuring the highest quality targets for our clients.

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