seamless titanium pipe
seamless titanium alloy pipe

Seamless Titanium Pipe

Seamless Titanium pipes are light-weight and have high strength, and are widely used in chemical and marine fields, such as titanium heat exchangers, titanium pipelines under the sea, titanium pipe fittings and other products. If you want to know more about seamless titanium alloy pipe price and cost, please do not hesitate to contact Changsheng titanium pipe supplier.


Seamless Titanium Pipe Specification


Outside diameter

Wall thickness


Size range:

5mm – 600mm

0.8mm above


Productions standard

ASTM B337, ASTM B338, ASMEB338, ASTM B861

Advantages of seamless titanium pipes

  • high specific strength

  • Seamless titanium pipes have high hardness.

  • The elastic modulus of seamless titanium pipes is relatively low.

  • Excellent high and low temperature performance.

At high temperatures of 550-600 ℃ or at low temperatures of -253 ℃ , titanium alloys can still maintain good mechanical properties, with higher heat resistance than aluminum alloys and a wider operating temperature range.

  • Seamless titanium pipes have strong corrosion resistance.

When titanium is exposed to air below 550 ℃, a thin and dense titanium oxide film will form on its surface. Therefore, its corrosion resistance in oxidizing media such as atmosphere, seawater, nitric acid, sulfuric acid, and strong alkali is superior to most stainless steels.

Application of Seamless Titanium Tube

  • Chemical industry

Titanium has good stability in various acid, alkali and salt media, except for the above four Mineral acid and highly corrosive Aluminium chloride. For example, the use of titanium metal anodes and titanium wet chlorine gas coolers in the chlor alkali industry has achieved good economic results and is hailed as a major revolution in the chlor alkali industry.

  • Petroleum industry

Titanium has very good stability in organic compounds except for five organic acids (formic acid, acetic acid, oxalic acid, Trichloroacetic acid and Trifluoroacetic acid) at high temperature, which can be used to make various heat exchangers, reactors, high-pressure vessels, and distillation towers.

  • Fertilizer industry

Urea is an important chemical fertilizer. During the production process, urea, ammonia, Ammonium carbamate and their mixture are highly corrosive under high temperature and pressure. After titanium is used to replace stainless steel, the service life of equipment is greatly increased and the maintenance time is greatly reduced.

  • Seawater desalination and shipbuilding industry

Titanium has better resistance to seawater corrosion than all other metals, and it has special stability in both static and high-speed flowing seawater.

Titanium has strong corrosion resistance to seawater and ocean air, and is strong and lightweight, making it an ideal structural material for the shipbuilding industry. It has been widely used in many components of various ships and deep-water submarines.

  • Electric Power Industry

Titanium has good stability in many corrosive hot water containing chlorides, sulfides, etc., so titanium has been widely used in Fossil fuel power station as cooling pipes of heat exchangers. Replacing copper nickel alloy pipes with thin-walled titanium pipes not only greatly improves their service life, but also greatly reduces maintenance time, resulting in significant economic benefits.

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