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Titanium Anodes For Electrolytic Hydrogen Production

Electrolysis of water for hydrogen production is a well-established process. This clean energy source is crucial for fuel cells and powering various electronic devices. China has advanced in water electrolysis technology, yielding high-purity hydrogen with low impurities. Key to its success is energy efficiency during electrolysis, achieved through proper anode material selection. Platinum is an excellent catalyst, but its scarcity prompts research into platinum-plated titanium anodes. These anodes effectively generate hydrogen, offering a cost-effective alternative without compromising performance, furthering electrolytic hydrogen production's potential.


Titanium Anodes For Electrolytic Hydrogen Production Descriptions

Electrolysis of water has a long history of hydrogen production industry. water electrolysis is to connect DC power to water to generate hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen has been listed as a potential clean energy fuel. At the same time, Hydrogen fuel can drive all kinds of electronic equipment and electric drive trains through Hydrogen fuel cells.

Electrolysed water technology is relatively mature in China. The equipment for electrolytic hydrogen production is simple and pollution-free, and the hydrogen obtained is high in purity and low in impurities. It is suitable for various occasions. The key to Electrolysis of water hydrogen production is how to reduce energy consumption in the electrolysis process and improve energy conversion efficiency. Electrolysed water hydrogen production usually uses strong alkali, strong acid or oxygen salt solution as electrolyte. Electrolysis is commonly used. The Electrolysed water reaction is carried out in the electrolytic cell, and the anode material is the key core part of the electrolytic cell. The selection of anode materials largely determines the cell voltage and energy consumption of Electrolysis of water and directly affects the cost. Each reaction chamber of the electrolytic cell is composed of an anode plate, a positive and secondary positive electrode mesh, a diaphragm, a gasket, a negative and secondary negative electrode mesh, and a cathode plate. In an electrolytic cell, each electrode plate can be an anode or a cathode, with the middle electrode plate being the anode and the left and right electrode plates being the cathode. The side facing the middle electrode plate is the cathode and the other side is the anode. Hydrogen gas is generated on the cathode and oxygen is generated on the anode.

Platinum metal has high electro catalytic activation, and platinum electrode can better generate hydrogen. It is an ideal material for electrolytic hydrogen production. However, platinum resources are scarce and expensive. In order to reduce costs and maintain the excellent performance of platinum anode, platinum plated titanium anode materials are researched to replace pure platinum electrode products. The platinum content on the surface of platinum titanium electrode is more than 99%, and good results have been achieved.

Titanium Anodes For Electrolytic Hydrogen Production Specifications

Platinum coated titanium anode is a process of platinum plating to deposit a pure platinum coating on the surface of titanium substrate.

Anode substrate

Anode coating

Cathode material

Current density


Designing lifetime





Tubular, rod, mesh, plate. etc


Titanium Anodes For Electrolytic Hydrogen Production Characteristics

1. Platinum titanium anode have strong corrosion resistance and high catalytic activity.

2. With high oxygen evolution potential and low hydrogen evolution potential, it is not only an excellent anode material but also a cathode material with excellent performance.

3. High current efficiency, corrosion resistance, and reversible polarity.

4. The Pt layer has good ductility, making the anode have good adhesion.

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