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Titanium Heat Exchanger Tube

The application of titanium tubes in the field of heat exchange tubes benefits from their excellent chemical and physical properties, making them a preferred material for heat exchange equipment.


Titanium Heat Exchanger Tube Specifications

Production standardASTM B38
Production processcold rolling or argen arc welding
SizeOD size1mm~50mm.
Wall thickness0.5mm and 3mm, which can be adjusted as needed.
LengthThe length of the titanium heat exchange tube can vary according to the requirements of different equipment, seamless tube can be done 9meters, welded tube can be done 15meters.
Pipeline typeCommon types of heat exchange pipelines include circular pipes, twisted pipes, etc.,

Main Reasons Why Titanium Tubes Are Used As Heat Exchange Tubes

  • Corrosion resistance: Titanium tube has excellent corrosion resistance and can maintain stability in various corrosive environments, including acidic, alkaline, and saline environments. This enables titanium tubes to operate stably for a long time during heat exchange processes containing corrosive media.

  • High temperature performance: Titanium has relatively high temperature resistance and can withstand certain temperature and pressure changes, making it suitable for various industrial and chemical applications.

  • Lightweight: Titanium is a relatively light metal, which allows titanium tubes to reduce their own weight in titanium tube heat exchanger equipment, helping to reduce the overall load of the equipment.

  • Low conductivity: Titanium tube has a relatively low thermal conductivity, which can reduce heat loss to a certain extent and improve heat exchange efficiency.

  • Wear resistance: Titanium material has good wear resistance and can operate stably in fluids with a large amount of suspended particles, reducing pipeline wear and corrosion.

  • Easy to manufacture: Titanium tube can be performed various processing and forming operations, making it relatively easy to manufacture heat exchange tubes of various shapes and sizes.

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