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Tungsten Bar is also called tungsten alloy bar. Tungsten alloy rod (WMoNiFe) with Anviloy 1150 is made from metal powder refined at a fixed high temperature using a special high temperature powder metallurgy technique. In this way, the tungsten alloy bar material has low thermal expansion coefficient, good thermal conductivity and good material property.Changsheng Titanium tungsten bar manufacturer specializes in manufacturing copper tungsten bars, tungsten heavy alloys bars, tungsten flat bars, tungsten carbide square bar, tungsten round bar, tungsten carbide flat bar, tungsten steel rod, tungsten boring bar, tungsten metal bar, if you want to know tungsten bar price and buy tungsten bar, don't hesitate to get in touch with Changsheng Titanium tungsten alloy bar manufacturer.

At high temperature, tungsten alloy rod is a material with high melting point and low thermal expansion coefficient. The addition of tungsten alloy elements improves workability, toughness and welding. The properties of the material are built on tungsten alloy rods in manufacturing to eliminate problems associated with heat treatment of other tool materials.


Shapes of Tungsten Alloy Bars

  • Tungsten Flat Bar: This versatile option is ideal for applications requiring high strength and dimensional stability. Its flat profile makes it perfect for wear plates, counterweights, and structural components.

  • Tungsten Square Bar: Offering exceptional strength and rigidity, square bars are often used for tool and die making, precision machining, and balance weights.

  • Tungsten Square Bar: Offering exceptional strength and rigidity, square bars are often used for tool and die making, precision machining, and balance weights.

Beyond these basic shapes, Changsheng Titanium also offers custom tungsten bar configurations to meet your specific requirements. We can create tungsten heavy alloys bars with:

  • Hollow sections: Reduce weight while maintaining strength for applications like counterweights and radiation shielding.

  • Tapered profiles: Achieve precise weight distribution or facilitate specific assembly needs.

  • Special surface finishes: Enhance corrosion resistance, lubricity, or other desired properties.

Tungsten Bar Stock for Aerospace and Defense Industries

  • Aerospace applications: Tungsten bar stock is used in balance weights, counterweights, and ballast systems for precise weight distribution and stability in aircraft and spacecraft.

  • Defense applications: Tungsten bar stock is utilized in armor-piercing projectiles, kinetic energy penetrators, and armor plating due to its exceptional hardness and density.

  • Strength and heat resistance: Tungsten bar stock exhibits exceptional strength and heat resistance, making it suitable for critical aerospace components and military equipment.

Tungsten Alloy Bar Technological Process

Original Powder → Pressing → Sintering → Forging → Rotary Forging → Packaging → Inspection → Finished Products → Thermal Treatment → Machine Process

Tungsten Alloy Bar Specifications


Forging rod

Straightening rod (after drawing)

Polished rod and customized products



Ф0.8 ~3.2mm

Chemical Composition of Tungsten Bar


Tungsten Content

Impurity content

Total content

Single element content













Note: K is not as impurity content

Tungsten Alloy Bar Application

  • Tungsten alloy bar used for semiconductor ion implantation parts

  • Tungsten alloy bar used for electric light source and electric vacuum part

  • Tungsten alloy bar used for refractory parts of industrial high temperature furnace

  • Tungsten alloy bar used for electrode for argon arc welding and resistance welding

Features of the Tungsten Alloy Bar

  • Superior Quality: Changsheng TitaniumTungsten Alloy Bars are manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring superior quality that enhances performance and reduces costs for both materials and finishing.

  • Improved Performance: Our products set the standard for boring bars and grinding applications. These tungsten alloys are designed to deliver improved performance in various industrial applications.

  • Reduced Vibration: The high density of our Tungsten Alloy Bars results in less vibration during operations, enabling heavier cuts and better finishing.

  • Enhanced Durability: The high thermal conductivity of our Tungsten Alloys means your tools run cooler and last longer. This enhances the durability and longevity of your tools, reducing replacement costs.

  • Direct Brazing: Our Tungsten Alloy Bars can be brazed directly to materials without affecting their physical properties. This allows for greater flexibility and efficiency in manufacturing processes.

  • Cost-Effective: By improving performance and reducing material and finishing costs, our Tungsten Alloy Bars offer a cost-effective solution for various industrial applications.

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