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Molybdenum Electrode

Molybdenum electrode made by powder metallurgy technology with pure molybdenum powder has high melting point, high temperature strength and hardness, good thermal shock resistance, good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. Molybdenum also has a good process suitablility, easy to carry out pressure processing and mechanical processing. Molybdenum is resistant to high temperature, corrosion of molten glass, and the corrosion products do not pollute the glass, so it has been widely used in the glass melting furnace.


Molybdenum Electrode Types

MoZrO2 Electrode

The electrode may deform due to gravity and glass liquid erosion at high temperature. We can provide a special electrode enhanced scheme for this case. A small amount of ZrO2 adding to the molybdenum can greatly enhance the electrode sag resistance and creep resistance at high temperature.

Coated Electrode

A special kind of silicon material is coated on the surface of the molybdenum electrode, which can cut off the contact between the air and the electrode, thereby increasing the service life of the electrode in the oxidizing atmosphere.

Molybdenum Electrode Specification

The molybdenum electrode is suitable for all kinds of glass furnace except lead glass, and the highest temperature is 1600℃. We have molybdenum electrode water jacket, 5K alloy, impeller and other accessories for your choice.

Main specifications and performance indexes of molybdenum electrodes

Electrode type


Electrode strength(σb MPa)



Molybdenum plate electrode

(3-10) × (80-250) × (1000-1300)



Molybdenum rod electrode

(Φ30-Φ80) × (200-1500)



Molybdenum Electrode Application

Glass furnaces are divided into flame heating furnaces and electric melting furnaces. Electric melting furnaces are mainly divided into all electric-melting furnaces, forehearth electric boosters and complex furnaces. With the further improvement of the national energy saving and environmental protection requirements, the electric melting furnace has began to replace the flame heating furnace.

Domestically, there are two major systems as follow for the molybdenum electrode electric melting furnace according to the categories of molten glassware: soda-lime glass and borosilicate glass. Various specifications of the plate and rod electrode can meet the requirements for various electric melting furnace. The electrode has the advantages of less investment, high energy saving and high yield, corrosion resistance of the glass liquid, uniform electric load and current density, uniform temperature in the furnace, stable operation, etc.

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