tantalum target

Tantalum Target

Material: RO5200, RO5400, RO5252(Ta-2.5W), RO5255(Ta-10W)


  • Circular targets: Diameter 15mm up to 400mm x Thickness 3mm up to 28mm

  • Rectangular targets: Thickness 1mm up to 40mm x Width up to 1000mm x Length up to 3000mm


Tantalum Target Specification


3N, 3N5, 4N, with Ta 99.99% min


95% min

Grain size

ASTM 4 or finer

Surface finish

16Rms max. or Ra 0.4 ( RMS64 or better)


0.1mm or 0.15% max


+/-0.010" on all dimensions

Tantalum Target Application

It is welded with copper back target, and then semiconductor or optical sputtering is carried out to deposit tantalum atoms on the substrate material to realize sputtering coating. Tantalum targets are mainly used in semiconductor coating, optical coating and other industries. In the semiconductor industry, metal (Ta) is currently used to form a barrier layer by physical vapor deposition (PVD).

Tantalum Target Alloy Series

In addition to tantalum targets, we can also provide tantalum-silicon alloy, tantalum-aluminum alloy, tantalum-tungsten alloy, nickel-tantalum alloy, cobalt-zirconium-tantalum alloy, tantalum nitride, tantalum carbide, tantalum boride, tantalum pentoxide and other sputtering targets.

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