molybdenum wires
molybdenum wire

Molybdenum Wire

Molybdenum wire also named moly wire, is mainly refers to the wire cutting processing with high pressure electric field continuous movement to cut the workpiece made of molybdenum and other precious metal consumables, that is wire cutting machine tool processing workpiece continuous movement of fine metal wire called electric wire (also called electricity), moly wire can carry out pulse spark discharge on the workpiece, cutting metal forming. Molybdenum wire has many other uses. 

The high quality high temperature molybdenum raw material is processed into silk by the advanced process of hot and cold drawing, which is used in the wire cutting machine as a power to process the workpiece. If you want to know more about molybdenum spray wire and molybdenum wire price, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Molybdenum Wire Specification

Classification: pure molybdenum wire, lanthanum molybdenum wire, yttrium molybdenum wire, wire cutting special molybdenum wire four categories.

Chemical composition: according to the national standard GB/T3462-2007 "molybdenum strip and molybdenum slab" the relevant technical requirements.

Diameter and Tolerance of Molybdenum Wires:

Nominal diameter(μm)200mmwire segment weight200mmwire segment weight tolerance(%)Diameter tolerance(%)
ⅠGradeⅡ GradeⅠGradeⅡ Grade

Molybdenum Wire Application

  • Pure molybdenum wire:Pure  molybdenum wire used for winding core wire, support, lead wire, heating element, molybdenum foil tape, wire cutting, auto parts spraying, etc.

  • Lanthanum molybdenum wire: Lanthanum molybdenum wire used for wire wound core glass sealing parts, molybdenum foil belt, furnace heating materials, wire cutting high-temperature components, etc.

  • Yttrium molybdenum wire: Yttrium moly wire used for support, lead line, vacuum tube reed, grid, furnace body heating materials, high temperature components.

  • Molybdenum wire cutting: This moly wire used for the cutting and processing of various non-ferrous metals, steel and magnetic materials. Molybdenum wire has high strength, good discharge performance, high surface finish, fast cutting speed, long service life and so on.

Appearance: The surface of the molybdenum wire is coated with graphite emulsion, which is uniform in black

Surface state molding process: drawing, forging, polishing

Storage and transportation: Molybdenum wire shall be stored in a dry, acid-base free atmosphere with relative humidity less than 65%, and moisture-proof during transportation.

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